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Via the Disney Parks Blog:

"Did you notice the fun, new logo for Disney California Adventure park in the spot? It’s so new that if you touch the screen, you just might get paint on your fingers. What do you think of the TV spot and new logo?"

It's um, wow. It's not, er, good. It sure as hell doesn't look like the insignia for a billion-dollar theme park. I appreciate that we're going through a transitional phase right now and that we're not entirely sure what this park is going to be once it emerges from (de)construction walls, but I do know this: The name of the park looks downright weird without that possessive apostrophe-S, to say nothing of the grammatical foul being committed in broad daylight. (Turning into Jim Hill, are we?) And the word you want to emphasize in that phrase probably isn't "California."

That aside, I love everything else Disney is doing with the park. World of Color looks to be suitably epic, the official blog coverage of the park remodel has been exemplary, and the new stuff going up in Paradise Pier is sexy like whoa. I look forward to seeing it all this autumn, maybe, after the passholes have cleared off.

In personal news: The reason I haven't posted here is because Monkey Goggles and other sites have consumed every last morsel of my time, and because you've got Disney's blog and the likes of the fabulous Progress City U.S.A. blog to keep you in powdered sugar and wonderment. That said, I may make some more posts here in the coming weeks. I'm gettin' back to that place where I feel it.




  1. Ha! I agree that the possessive needs to come back, but I DO think they have to emphasize “California.” The park makes no sense otherwise. Not that it makes heaps of sense at the moment. But the Grizzly River Run…if it’s not in California…where is it? Ideally, Disney should stick to ambiguous and fictional settings, but while they’ve got a California-themed park, they might as well do all they can to make it as concrete a theme as possible.
    And although I am often left in powdered sugar by Progress City, I do anticipate your part time return.

  2. Awesome. Looking forward to seeing your input again. 🙂 Welcome back!

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