We change the picture by observing it

I've posted a number of Disney-related pieces over the past few weeks. It's only that none have them have been posted here, where a Disney fan might have read them (or might not have, judging by my stats). Today in The Spellout, my Seattle-based bargain entertainment bl-g, I have a short review of "Walt & El Grupo," Ted Thomas' documentary film of Walt Disney's 1941 goodwill trip to Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Yesterday in Monkey Goggles — a literary site from Archie McPhee, the novelties company that brought you the Yodelling Pickle and the Fuzzy Pink Skull (for girls!) — I wrote about "Captain EO," and why I think we'll never see it in a Disney theme park again. Also in Monkey Goggles: I reviewed the "Walt Disney and the 1964 World's Fair" CD set, cracked wise about Disney's acquistion of Marvel, and wrote an homage to the late, great ABC Family show "The Middleman." Collect all five!