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A few weeks back I got a voice message from my father, who to my certain knowledge is the only person on this planet who bothers to check this bl-g from week to week. He commented on the last post — my hat-tip to Pogo’s luminous “Expialodocious” —  with a Wally Boag imitation: “Buenos dias, senor. Your entries are getting chorter and chorter.”

And further and further between, yeah, I know. The thing is, the life of a freelance writer is one of constant, er, writing, and I’ve been focusing my energies on writing assignments that get me paid. Also — and here I’ll appropriate Al Lutz’s tired refrain — I only post entries here when there’s something to post. In Lutz’s case, that’s when he has a tall-enough stack of third-hand information, while I only make posts when I’m feeling it. I started this bl-g because I was missing Disneyland, and I thought that writing about the place would bring me closer to the Park.

I don’t imagine I’m your only conduit to the Anaheim?Orlando/Burbank megalopolis, and there are plenty of other excellent Disney theme park bloggers out there to keep you current, from the Disney Blog crew to Those Darn Cats. If you’re keen to read about Disneyland on a daily or weekly basis, visit them, along with the many fine sites listed in my sidebar. if you’re keen on reading me every single day — hey, stranger things have happened — read The Spellout, my Seattle-based guide to keeping yourself entertained for $25 or less.

Having said all that, I didn’t start this post to tell you that I’m too busy to write this post. I have been writing about Disneyland, just not here. The latest edition of the Las Vegas Weekly features a travel piece, “Disneyland for Haters,” that I wrote in response to the many people I know who refuse to go to Disneyland for reasons either material (“too expensive”) or ideological (“I hate the way Disney sanitizes fairy tales”). In the piece I make attempts to refute the more popular arguments against — the cost issue, the crowd issue, the “I heard Disney’s California Adventure sucks” issue — and to get these Disneyland haters to drop their guard long enough to get a Dole Whip and a ride on “Pirates of the Caribbean.” In my experience, that’s all you need.

I wish the piece could have been longer. There’s a strong chance that this idea — a Disneyland guide for stuck-up hipster assholes with a core of pure nerd, like myself — could expand into a full guidebook, if I ever manage to find the time. There’s a bunch of stuff, including a novel that’s going through first edit, queued up before it. But I wouldn’t rule it out. There’s a lot of Disneyland haters out there, and I’m never too busy to take one under arm, lead him to Dole Pineapple’s fountain of Castalia, and make him drink.

Read “Disneyland for Haters” here.



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  1. I read you consistently. But of course you knew that.

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