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“Never give. And done. Oh! Never be. This sings songs, us. Sings this.”

Last year I posted a link to the work of Pogo (nee Nick Bertke), the Perth, Australia-based electronic music artist who sampled bits of dialogue from “Alice in Wonderland” and refashioned them into downtempo techno jams. He’s done it again, this time with “Mary Poppins,” and it’s one of the most beguiling, hypnotic and frankly gorgeous pieces of techno I’ve heard. It puts me in mind of The Field, but with more charm and feeling. (That spoonful of sugar really does go a long, long way.) Download “Expialidocious” free here*, and when you’re done, check out what he did with “The King and I.”

EDITOR’S NOTE, JUNE 30, 2009: As of yesterday, “Expialodocious” is no longer available for download. I might suggest that Disney find a way to partner with him to get this music on iTunes, but I know better than to ask the Mouse to smile upon adaptive use.



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