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"Up" to Ballard

This photo was taken this morning in Ballard, the northwest Seattle neighborhood I call home. The house is real, and the balloons were added by a local PR firm promoting “Up.” Many of them had popped by the time I took this photo, but you get the idea.

The house belonged to a local hero, the late Edith Macefield. The 86-year-old refused to sell her longtime home even as the offer topped $1 million, and stayed put as that grotesque commercial development went up around her.

Edith’s life story is here, and is as bittersweet as Edith’s life was long. And while I don’t want to tell Disney its business, I think Edith’s story would make a fantastic movie, too.




  1. that’s so cool looking. sad that it really looks like the house is part of the promo too….

  2. It should say Pixar imitates life.

  3. No, it shouldn’t, and no, it won’t.

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