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My six Disneyland-related resolutions for 2009

Your Souvenir Guide, Winter 1977

1. I will redesign and re-launch Your Souvenir Guide.All I have to do is procure a TypePad Pro account, to design a nameplate evocative of the typeface used in Disneyland’s mid-1970s guidebooks, and to finally put the swell custom domain I purchased early last year domain to use. And oh yeah, I should put a forwarding message on the old Blogger account, encouraging readers to change their syndication feed. I’ll get right on that.

2. I will renew my annual passport. Done. Did it in October, when I suspected I might be laid off from my journalism gig. (I was, three weeks later.) Now I only need find a way to get to Anaheim on the cheap to take advantage of that nearly-free admission. I reckon all I need to do is raise some freelance writing jobs, in the midst of the worst economic climate we journalists have known in a generation. Um, yeah. I’ll get right on that.

3. I will finish “Project X.” This bl-g is actually the by-product of a project I’ve been laboring on for several years. Both the project, and this bl-g, have languished for long enough. It’s time to make the churros, baby.

4. I will run in the Disneyland half-marathon. Late last year, when my abdominals made a surprise first-time appearance from underneath years of accumulated Dole Whip-gut, I began to wonder, hey, why can’t I be one of those forty-something guys who runs a marathon? I mean, we see them all the time in prescription drug ads, and they seem happier and healthier than we did in our twenties. Couldn’t I be one of those guys, radiantly glowing as he runs through a frenetically-waving crowd of underpaid kids in Disney character suits?
Could happen. I’m going to run a half-marathon in Seattle this June. If I finish with a good time, it’s on to Anaheim in September.

5. I will visit Walt Disney World in December, the financial climate permitting. I told my family and two darn cats that I’d be there, even if Disney did take away my beloved Adventurer’s Club. I’ll find other ways to hoopla.

Number 6. is kind of obvious: I’ll post to Your Souvenir Guide more frequently. Hey, I gotta find ways to keep these post-layoff idle hours usefully occupied. At least one article per week. I’ll get right on that.




  1. mmmmmm churros…… see you ate the half! 😉

  2. December…hum?

  3. We’re just 5 days away from our first marathon and it’s at Disney World (we’re in the nearly 40 and just gone 40 age group) The run is going to be a hard slog but at least the weather will be a damn sight better than the wind and the rain in Seattle at the moment…
    We’re also signed up for the Disneyland Half in 2009 (as if you do both the full at DW and the half at DL in the same year they give a special coast to coast medal, yay…)

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