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The Adventurer’s Club, 1989-2008

The Adventurer's Club, 1989-2008

Jennifer and Lisa of Those Darn Cats! have graciously received me on their podcast for a second time. I’m always thrilled to talk katnip with the kittens, though I wish this edition of Cats! was driven by something other than the premature closing of Walt Disney World’s wonderful Adventurer’s Club.

I’ve tried to explain the Adventurer’s Club to friends several times over the past year and have continually come up short. Finally, I simply drew up the “interests list” that the Club would have likely had, had it not pre-dated LiveJournal by sixty years:

Aeroplanes, absinthe, automobile racing, Around the World in Eighty Days, Ashanti Fertility Dolls, Arthur Conan Doyle, Bits O’Biffel, bullfights, Chester Babbit Rawlinson, Colonel Critchlow Suchbench, double-entendres, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Egypt, Emil Bleehal, flying carpets, French Postcards, Gypsy Rose Lee, Handsome Hathaway Browne, Harry Houdini, hoopla, Humphrey Bogart, India, intrigue, Jean Shepherd, Kungaloosh, Marilyn Monroe, martinis, Mel Brooks, Newton Hasselcrone, Papua New Guinea, Philo B. Farnsworth, pugilism, Ray Harryhousen, ribaldlry, Robert Benchley, Samantha Sterling, screwball comedy, spelunking, steampunk, Susan B. Anthony, Teddy Roosevelt, The African Veldt, The Firesign Theater, The Himalayas, The Marx Brothers, The North Pole, The Pan-Columbian Exhibition, Tom Lehrer, Tom Waits, weasel-bats

I would have kept going, but the bar napkin was only so big. Kungaloosh, my friends. May we meet again at some future hoopla.

Go listen to the podcast, dammit.




  1. cubicalgirl

    2008/09/28 at 7:56 PM

    No no no!!! The Adventurer's Club was the only reason for me to go to the niteclub area of Downtown Disney! I'm so glad my boyfriend and I got to go at least once. I'm really so sad about this.

  2. weasel-bats? do they eat twinkies?

  3. Beth Dolgner

    2008/11/25 at 4:21 AM

    I stumbled over here from Broke Hoedown and have to say that your summary of the AC is spot-on. I spent many a raucous night there, including my 18th birthday and my honeymoon. Kungaloosh to a fellow adventurer!

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