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Walt Disney’s original Magic Kingdom — the mf’n OGMK! — celebrates 53 years of intergalactic theme-park dominance today. Felicitations, Big D. We like you, we love you, we want some more of you.

Also celebrating today: “Linus and Lucy” composer Vince Guaraldi is 79, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” star Donald Sutherland is 72, singer/actor/punchline David Hasselhoff is 55, “2046” director Wong Kar Wai is 51, indie-dance munchkin M.I.A. is 30 and Boing Boing editor/sci-fi author Cory Doctorow is 36 — really? Only 36? Or is that the age of his most current backup?

Art Linkletter is 95 today. He worked at the Park on his 43rd birthday. You’re hardcore, Art.

I am celebrating this occasion as I usually do: Wishing I were at Disneyland, then catching myself: “Nah, it’ll be way too crowded.” Every July 17, there’s a moment when I think, hey, I could get a standby flight and be in line for Pirates by happy hour, a perfectly-chilled Dole Pineapple Whip in hand. The grim reality is that I’d be lucky to get into the parking structure. If the day visitors don’t load the Park to capacity by 1 p.m., then the passholes* surely will.

If you’re going to Disneyland today, you lucky so-and-so, do make your visit count. Remember that it’s a genuine miracle that the place happened at all.

* Not you, of course. I mean them other passholes. Let’s git us a shovel and whup ’em.




  1. I can't imagine that would be Doctorow's most recent backup, he's way too geeky to not backup regularly (unless maybe he's intentionally offline, which of course has its benefits).

    Maybe he's just chosen to be apparent 36.

  2. ok. i didn't know vince guaraldi was still alive. and dan savage is saying he is 34. i believe none of them!!!!!!

  3. Geoff Carter

    2008/07/21 at 10:13 PM

    Vince Guaraldi is not dead. Don't ever say that. He's merely between labels.

  4. hey, listen, i am completely rejoicing that vince is with us. soooo, he is like, what, 147 now?
    KIDDING – i know we fountain valley peeps can take it!

    hollah! oh, and hows the head ache?? 🙂

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