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Via Cartoon Brew: Lovely downbeat techno tracks built entirely of samples from “Alice in Wonderland.” A mad tea party, indeed. The producer’s name is Pogo, and I hope he has an entire stack of classic Disney movies on DVD upon which to experiment. You may download the above track, and several more, free of charge here before Disney’s lawyers smack the fair use out of him.

Also: It’s good to be Jack Sparrow. “Dear Piratehouse Forum: I ne’er figgered I’d be writin’ ye, bein’ but a shy lad at a small Midwestern college, but…”

And finally:


Ain’t that about a bitch?



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  1. At least you got to see that closing message for VMK… At about 9 to close, right after the "come again tomorrow" message (thanks!), it crashed on me and I wasn't able to get back on. Now I don't have closure! ^_^

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