Today, Werner Weiss at Yesterland has a lovely piece on the evolution of the Rocket Jets. The Jets are not one of my favorite rides in the Park. It’s not an altogether unpleasant three minutes, but the line for this spinning ride is invariably more than twenty minutes in length. That’s too long to wait for a trip that doesn’t go anywhere, scenic and dizzy-making though it may be.

There are compensations, though. The Rocket Jets — I’m sorry, the Astro Orbitor — is one of the most photogenic attractions at Disneyland, especially after dark. That said, I agree with Mr. Weiss: The Orbitor was moved too close to the Castle during the half-assed Tomorrowland reboot of 1998. Oh my. If you want to get me uselessly fired-up, just mention the godawful Tomorrowland reboot of 1998.

By the by, I’m easing you into Disneyland fandom as gently as I can. Yesterland is one of the oldest Disneyland-themed websites, and also one of the best. Mr. Weiss writes spare prose about attractions which have been closed and removed from the Park, and he’s just sentimental enough to really make you feel for all those vanished dark rides and buried automatons, while enough of a pragmatist to make you realize that Disneyland is not a museum. If it were, they’d have a docent program, and I’d probably toss several other candidates from the Rocket Jets for a chance to run it.