Disnanisqatsi (Parks Out of Balance)

In which I try to reassure a colleague, and put a curse upon your expanding footprint.

Vader Seattle

Regarding the Purchase of Lucasfilm

This is what happened the last time George Lucas and Marvel shared a common roof.

Jayne and Sophia

What I Talk About When We Talk About Disneyland

All about the most popular of my Disneyland photos. Kids, cover your eyes.

Soarin 2

An Orange Clockwork: Soarin’ Over California, reviewed

Disney talks a big game about making your dreams come true. Soarin’ is proof that, every once in a while, they can actually do it.

EPCOT Sideways

Back to Center

Earlier this week I visited EPCOT. I happened to be within a hundred miles of my second-favorite Disney theme park, and whenever that happens I pay and I play; that’s really all there is to it. I got a fever, and the only cure is more EPCOT.

John Carter

Life On Mars?

I’ve never seen a film more badly marketed than John Carter. I can’t think of a reason that Disney’s marketing arm would do these things to a film they actually want people to see.

Mansion Story

‘Have you ever seen a haunted house?’

Who knew an LP itself could be haunted? Quasi-Interesting Paraphernalia Incorporated knew.

From Here to Pandorlando

Okay, just this once. On the singular occasion of the WalDisCo and James Cameron going abed, we’ll allow Disney’s theme parks division to be nakedly reactive.


Disneyland dark rides, reviewed: The two-minute wonder envelope

Disneyland’s dark rides are sealed worlds within Disneyland’s sealed world. Nothing of the outside penetrates those painted scrims. You can’t even bring your own ego with you.

Tiki Room Birdmobile

Things We Gained in the Tiki Room Fire

The Magic Kingdom finally gets some good news. Next up: Stitch, meet water damage.